What we do:

Lily’s knits specialises in hand-knitted baby/toddler clothes, hats, blankets and soft toys.

Each item is unique, with the colour, texture or design not repeated*. Lily’s knits aims to produce contemporary children’s knitwear, which stands out from the more traditional patterns & styles. We keep an eye on modern baby wear fashion, and take into account latest trends in our designs.

* unless specifically requested

What Makes Lily’s Knits special?

This website shows examples of our most common designs. Lily’s knits will make anything to request, giving you the ability to choose the size, colour, wool and pattern.

Always wanted to knit something personal for your little treasure, but couldn’t manage it? Lily’s Knits offers you the next best thing. We’ll even take on your incomplete work and finish it for you!!!

The quality of our work is excellent, and we take particular care to wash all items in non-biological washing powder before despatch to make sure there is no shrinkage or mis-shaping.

Materials used are a mixture of baby soft wool, cotton mixtures, mohair (non- fluffy so safe for little ones to chew), pure wool and for backing material, velvet, silk and fleece material. All touchy feely for little ones!

All prices quoted are in UK £ sterling, and are based on the specifications shown. Costs may vary subject to wool availability or complexity of design specifics. The time taken to produce your items will be advised of during the ordering process

How it all Began:

It all started in 2005, when I was pregnant and my Nan wanted to make me a Knitted Circular Shawl for my baby. Unfortunately, she passed away before it was completed, so not wanting her work to be lost, I finished it!

The shawl received several comments of “how lovely it was”, and that people “hadn’t seen anything as nice anywhere in the shops”.

Having finished the shawl, I went on to make my baby son a few more things, including a hat, jumper etc. People continued to comment favourably on my work, so it got me thinking – why not do it for others?!

I did some things for friends, who loved them and here we are!